My name is Russell, and I am the host of the Slash 2 Podcast, and have been playing the World of Warcraft since the game was in Beta. WoW was my first MMO experience that did not include MUDs. Prior to WoW I was primarily a FPS player, which is where I originally met one of my Co-Hosts, Varazslat. We were both members of a Wolfenstein:ET community and even participated on a competitive level where our ‘clan’ was at one time ranked #1 in one of the largest ladder tournaments.

Currently I am the Raid Leader of the Ascension guild on Hellscream, a job that I have maintained since the release of AQ40.I would describe my leading style as “excitable”. I will yell and I will be loud, but in the end I have surrounded myself with players who respond to my style, which I have found to be a key part of forming a cohesive unit.

My main character is a human holy paladin “Lovedoll“, which became my main shortly into WotLK expansion. My true love is my warlock, Rustonoviche, however I found that having a awesome DPSer is not usually as important in raids as being an awesome healer. I love the Paladin class for the utility I can bring into a situation, I love being a healer because of that “I saved you” feeling. I pride myself on being one of those players in Warcraft who can exceed at any role and in such I am constantly irritated at those who cant do so with one role.

/2 is my second dive into podcasting after doing a show called The Ready Check for almost 20 episodes.  We started /2 in late July of 2009 and have been going strong ever since.  The show continues to break our own records for listeners every month and see no reason the trend will not continue. For me podcasting is merely and extension of why I love this game. Getting to meet new players and fans is one of the best experiences I have had in my gaming career.

You can also check me out on the Polygamerous podcast which airs live each Monday at 11est.

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  1. McDoogleson

    May 4, 2012

    Hey there! Long time listener, first time writing. I heard your rant about the current crappy state of MMO’s, and wondered if you have taken a look at some of the upcoming releases? Tera looks amazing graphically, but the game play is cumbersome at times. Guild Wars 2 looks pretty sweet as well, but I have a lot of questions about endgame. The one I’m looking forward to the most is probaby The Secret War. If you haven’t heard of this game, you should check it out.

    Basically they’ve removed leveling, let you create your own class using a combination of hundreds of spells and gear, and then just drop you into the world with your friends. No leveling needed. What excites me about that it basically makes all the games content “end game” content. No more having a game where you play through 99% of the content before endgame. No having to grind dailies as “content.” Just hop on, and start playing with your friends.

    Anyhow I’m rambling now, my apologies.

    Keep up the great show!



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