My name is Kormy Kormerson. People call me Kormus. I guess it’s a joke, but I don’t really get it. Someone explain it to me.  😐

Ultima Online was my first real MMO, and some of the people I know in WoW, I actually met there first. I’ve played World of Warcraft since beta, originally as a druid, but, after a failed experiment as a shadow priest on a PVP server, I decided to come back home to Hellscream and roll another priest and play where I wouldn’t get camped by assholes 20 levels higher than me. I ran 5-man gear runs with members of an early incarnation of Ascension before joining some friends in a sister guild. After that experience soured, I joined a more progression oriented guild and heavily raided vanilla 40-man content through both AQ40 and Naxxaramas. When the Great Burning Crusade Affliction of 2006 began to deteriorate the raiding ranks, I decided to step back and take a break for more casual oriented play. I floated around for awhile before being welcomed back into raiding by some old friends at Ascension, where, I’m pleased to say, I’ve been healing/dying to this day.

On a personal note, I enjoy movies quite a bit and spend more than I probably should on increasing my collection of the weird, unknown or just plain bad. If I’m not watching the latest Human Centipede style abomination or blazing up to Troll 3 – the Shitening, I can sometimes be found killing zombies in Left 4 Dead or trying to find room for more dvd’s. I’m always up for movie suggestions, so drop us a line with whatever you think is interesting.  I also seem to have a strange fascination with pets in WoW, so send me those too. :p

/2 is my first foray in to the scary, scary world of webcasting. You can blame Rustee. I’m also more than likely to reply to any emails you might send, so consider this fair warning.

Remember kids, drugs are bad.

Kormus Out.

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